Tropical Brazilian Paradise Off The Coast Of Salvador!

A few hours by boat off the coast of Salvador lies a tropical Brazilian paradise. Morro De São Paulo has everything the perfect beach getaway should have: The absence of gigantic five star hotel resorts (which tend to kill local vibes and replace them with clinical, standardised, culture-less objects), bright blue water, soft white sand, locally-caught seafood (you see fisherman rushing in buckets of prawns from the beach to the restaurant kitchens), and a true bohemian vibe running from the villas to the sunset lookouts.

If you want to disappear and experience a different Brazil, one that could be a Hollywood location for anything from Castaway to The Beach, then look no further: Morro De São Paulo keeps hotel chains out, and local culture in!
Be sure to check out Toca for chilled music, grandiose sunsets overlooking a vast panoramic ocean, and live music. This is one island you really could spend the rest of your life in!20140719-151222-54742263.jpg










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