About Us

Backpacker Adventures is the travel blog of Kaz and Sam, two passionate travellers from Australia. Kaz travelled for the first time overseas in June, 2005. He went to Europe and the UK. Sam had her first experiences with overseas travel earlier, navigating around South East Asia and the South Pacific islands.

Ever since they first met, travel has been an active agenda on their calendar. They learned early on that life is short, tomorrow isn’t promised, and that the world is far bigger, and more important, than the comforts of “home”.

Home is where the heart is!

So what makes reading this blog interesting for people? Well, it’s the combination of two passionate travellers eager to explore the world, experience the authentic culture of places, and truly define what it is to live!

Kaz as a traveller is:

  • Constantly searching for that hidden alleyway
  • Likes to go with the flow
  • Never sees an end date to travel
  • Views home time as “time in transit”
  • Feels more at home in Greece and Spain than anywhere else

Sam as a traveller is:

  • A lover of world wonders
  • Organised
  • Addicted to Greece
  • The travel photographer
  • Insane travel researcher (the go-to girl for advice!)

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