Giving Back: Volunteering Abroad

A great way to experience a country’s culture, and especially its people, is through volunteer work. Volunteer work can take many forms, such as teaching English, working with street children, working at orphanages, assisting with construction projects, and working in wildlife conservation.

Volunteering abroad can be a rewarding experience for those looking to give back to the country they are visiting. There are so many people, too many people, in the world who are in need of help, and backpackers are always welcome to chip in and do their part in making a difference.

While there are many volunteer programs around online, some can be quite expensive. There are costs to be considered, including boarding, meals, insurance, flights, and transfers. Some companies will of course use part of the program fee to keep their business running, which a lot of travellers seem to dislike. In reality, this is necessary. Without the proper funding to maintain, expand, and market their cause, they’d cease to exist, and all the needy people out there wouldn’t receive support.

Saying that, there are plenty of on-the-ground, independent charities that are always in need of a helping hand. For those of you interested in volunteering abroad, we recommend that you visit The Best Charity, to find honest, hardworking volunteers that are truly making a difference. Click below to find out more.


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