Have you ever wondered about the concept of paradise, and if such a place really exists? Is paradise real, or is it a subjective interpretation of perfection, according to one’s ideals and values?

Today I’m going to challenge the latter (against all logic), and tell you that paradise is a real place! While of course, all us travellers have a preferred destination that simply does it for us, I believe there is another place on earth which everybody can appreciate, and that once travelled, explored and experienced, leaves the person in question yearning for more. Paradise is real, believe me, I have been there four times! So where is it, you ask?

It is here:







Santorini, Greece!

For me, after being around the world and seeing so many beautiful, idyllic places, I can’t see how this isn’t paradise! While I’m a new travel blogger on the scene, I’m by no means new to travel: Starting in 2005, I have travelled overseas every year in search of something mesmerising, flawless, and touching. I discovered it in Santorini, Greece, and I implore each and every one of you to go out there and do the same.

Sometimes I’ll share a great deal of knowledge about the places I’ve visited, and other times I’ll refrain from spoiling it for all the first-timers out there. This is a time when I don’t want to ruin Santorini’s many surprises for anyone, but if you’d love to know more about the hidden alleyways, the delicious cuisine, the remote taverns, and the beautiful hiding spots on this wonderful Greek island, get in contact with me and I’ll help you to organise an itinerary you won’t forget!

Is there a place you’ve discovered that holds true in your heart? A place that screams at you to come back, and never leave? Or have you been to Santorini, and love it as much as I do? Comment and let me know, I’d love to learn more about my fellow travellers! 

Check out the Santorini image gallery for more photos on the home page now! I’ve rounded up a few different shots of what I think conveys Santorini’s beauty, paradisiacal qualities, and liberating charm 🙂


  1. Wow! Stunning photos. I can’t believe you have been to Santorini four times.

    I was actually wondering if you might be interested guest posting this article on my website:

    It’s a brand new baby website, really only a rough draft right now. But I am hoping to turn it into a community of travelers – one in which readers can get travel inspiration and contributors can generate traffic to their own blogs.

    Let me know what you think!


    1. Hi Kelly, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, at times I can’t believe that I’ve travelled to Santorini four times myself! I think I became addicted, and for me, it is honestly impossible to go to Europe and not go to Greece. I can’t imagine that day ever coming, either.

      I would love to write a guest post for your website. Would you like to write one for Backpacker Adventures too?

      I look forward to hearing from you soon.


      1. Hi Kaz,

        Great! I can actually “reblog” this post, if that is okay with you. I’d be honored to guest post on Backpacker Adventures!

    2. Hi Kelly,

      Of course you can re-blog this post. Feel free to re-blog any of my posts any time. I think I pressed something that made your previous comment disappear, sorry in not sure what happened there!

      Feel free to write a post for my site, and email it through to me. I’ll PM the details.

      1. I have been there twice and really enjoyed it. I love the Greek islands and have visited several, they are very unique 🙂 No I don’t live in the Maldives, but I travel there frequently as it’s my favorite destination!

      2. I’d love some travel advice for there. I might be going next January. If you like, my site is always open to a guest post from you, if you’d like to share your experiences on that beautiful island!

  2. Santorini is truly like no other. My favourite part of the caldera rim is Imerovigli. Have you made it over to Naxos? Different vibes than Santorini, but still amazing and Agios Prokopios beach is beyond divine… 😀

    1. Hi Shelley, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t made it over to Naxos, but I did make it over to Paros and Rhodos, the latter being one of my favourite places to visit. I’ll definitely put Naxos on my list for next time. Where else in Greece have you visited?

      1. Athens of course, Ios, Zakynthos, Peloponnese and Kos, on a few separate trips… but I think Naxos was my favourite out of them all. Definitely not a party island, but chilled out, local feeling and beautiful.

        My Greek friends swear by Koufonisia, but haven’t made it there yet, unfortunately…

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